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Gold Hog Mat test...

by michGPAA Webwrangler on 07/08/12

Hiya all! Well, it took a while for me to get around to it but I finally got the new matting installed and ran some material through it. When ya first get the matting and then watch the videos on Gold Hog's website, ya may wonder if you're gonna muck it up. Don't. It's pretty straight forward and once ya get started, you'll be done before ya know it.

The material I ran was from the pit in West Branch. I picked up 3 half filled five gallon buckets that were screened down to 1/4 inch. I wanted to see how the matting did with material like this compared to when I used my mini-highbanker with carpet & riffles.

I was going to insert images into this post but given the size & number of images, I changed my mind. I've created a slideshow and the link will be posted at the end here.

Now, I've gotta say right out front that I'm convinced on this matting. I was almost there when I received it a couple a weeks ago, but now I'm a believer. The amount of black sand trapped by the scrubber matting was well and above what my carpet caught. And this with a steeper angle on the sluice tray. The first bucket I ran just a little steeper than i normally would have. The rate at which I fed the material was about twice as fast as I would have using carpet. The pic of the cons shows quite a bit of black sand for just a half bucket of material. The 2nd bucket I ran with the pitch of the sluice about 3/8 inch steeper. The feed rate the same. I took pics of those cons. On the last bucket, I left the pitch the same and fed the material as fast as the last 1/4 in. stone cleared the tray. I took a pic of those cons.

Now, ya will see a pic or 2 of the sluicebox with material in it. That was AFTER I had completed running the bucket. I've also included a pic of a nice piece of comglomerated material that will need my attention for crushing. I think the "cement" is iron. I am really looking forward to busting that and another piece of conglom and seeing whats in it. I also have a pic of our new dog, Papi. In the pic I took, I think he was telling me to hurry up so I could do more important stuff like play with him. And lastly, there is pics with the one piece of color I did find. The first I took w/o pointing at it, the 2nd I did. Its a tiny bugger.

I cant wait until I can acquire some of the UR matting to go with the scrubber mat. I think it's going to up my gold recover some. At the very least I'll be seeing alot more black sands that'll get me excited thinking I've gotten more gold. And that's what it's all about... Seeing that flash of color in the bottom of the pan. Until next time, get outside! There's no better place to be!

Link to slideshow: Matting test July 2012/?albumview=slideshow

(Note: at time of posting, Photobucket not showing albums as slideshows...Webwrangler dunno why this is..Hopefully they fix it!)

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