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by michGPAA Webwrangler on 11/04/18

Our Chapter's (and mine) first time being an exhibitor at a GPAA Gold Show! It was a totally new experience for me! I'd like to thank Mrs Webwrangler, Shane Wilkins (claims director) and Tim Caldwell for assisting over the 2 day show!

Met a coupla folks from Mi, like Jim Terbush. (Jeanie was working the Felix Paydirt trough. Getting that shiny!) Got to rub elbows with the West Virginia State Director. Chatted with the Indiana folks that were set up next to us. The list is long.

Like we voted on at our last outing in Barkus, we raffled off a nugget on each day. One 2.58 gram beauty from Austrailia and a 2.54 gram hunka chunka from Alaska. The proceeds covered the expenditures of the show, with enough left over to cover the cost of a porta potty at one of our outings next year.

GPAA was wanting some exposure for Athens Camp. Between Kent Fackler and myself, I hope we were able to answer alot of questions for those that either have never been to the camp, or haven't been there since Bill and June handed off to Chuck. I know that a few pics were posted on Facebook of our table at the show. We had our original banner hanging in back. With the help of some clear plastic and some weights, we had the '82 Quat Map displayed on our table to help folks kinda figure out were that pretty butter yella likes to hide here in the Mitten State. Mrs Webwrangler had a gold pan full of candy to treat the kids, young and old!

The folks from AKAU were staying in the same lodgings as the MI folks were. Saturday morning we got talking so much that I was afraid I'd be late for the open of the show! They are some super friendly folks.

So, antlered and finned gold will be occupying quite a few members minds until Ol' Man Winter keeps most of us indoors until spring. Get out there while ya can. Enjoy what our Creator has put before us.

Get outside! Theres no better place to be!